Honey Badger Don’t Care

“Honey Badger Don’t Care: Randall’s Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals”

by Randall

Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC

82 Pages

This book is HILARIOUS!  I wasn’t prepared for how funny this was going to be.  As usual I was going to read “just a few pages” before going to bed, and then I find myself on the couch laughing out loud to an empty room while everyone else is trying to sleep.  It actually is an informative book about different animals, but its told in such a funny sarcastic tone that you don’t even realize you’re learning while you read.

Did you know that the Honey Badger has no known enemies?  Or that the Aye-Aye looks like Don Knotts?  Or that when Tasmanian Devils feel threatened they fart?  (I didn’t know that either!)  I also didn’t know that the Emporer Tamarin lives for up to 17 years!  I also learned that Sloths are born upside down and spend 9-10 hours a day sleeping upside down!

Table of Contents:

  • The Honey Badger
  • The Aye-Aye
  • The Tasmanian Devil
  • The Emporer Tamarin
  • The Pink Fairy Armadillo
  • The Tarsier
  • The Opossum
  • The Solenodon
  • The Wombat
  • The American Bullfrog
  • The Sloth

I think you’ll laugh while you learn at this fun little book!

Releases Jan 24, 2012



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