“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

I received this book by Seth Grahame-Smith for Christmas in 2010, and read it, devoured it really, right away.  I was thrilled today while reading Shelf Awareness to find out that this book is being turned into a movie in June of this year.  Given the current popularity of Vampires and other supernatural beings this has the potential to be a great hit!  I scoured entertainment news and youtube and found some information about the upcoming movie.

Actor Benjamin Walker is cast as Abraham Lincoln, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is cast as Mary Todd Lincoln.  Other cast members include Jaqueline Fleming (Harriet Tubman),  Robin McLeavy (Nancy Hanks Lincoln), Alan Tudyk (Stephen A. Douglas) and John Rotham (Jefferson Davis).

(Please note that if SOPA/PIPA is passed as it stands, I would be in violation for posting this content)

This is the original book trailer found on YouTube:

Read the  Shelf Awareness article here.


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