Tuesday Releases

I missed my Mailbox Monday (maybe I’ll be motivated to do it a day late), but I don’t want to miss the new releases today!

This one I read as a hardback, and was so excited to see it release in paperback, because I know some people won’t spend the money on a new hardback book, but will pick it up now!  Also, if you click the graphic below, you’ll be able to read an excerpt!

Graveminder by Melissa Marr  (Author of Wicked Lovely)

From Goodreads : “Her debut leap into adult fiction lands her in the small community of Claysville, a town where the dead walk free unless their graves are not properly tended. Into this eerie maelstrom, Rebekkah Barrow descends as she returns to a place that she once believed she knew. Kelley Armstrong justly described Graveminder as “a deliciously creepy tale that is as skillfully wrought as it is spellbindingly imagined.” A new genre author to watch.”

I really enjoyed this book – read it in a day, and although I haven’t read the Wicked Lovely books, I’m much more apt to pick them up now!

Another new book released in Paperback is Steven Tyler’s Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

I just picked this book up from my library, and will be starting it today.  I never listened to his music growing up and didn’t know much about him until he showed up on American Idol last season.  Then earlier this year Oprah did an interview with him on her “Next Chapter” series, and I really liked how open he was.  I’m excited to read his book!

Fairy Tale Interrupted by RoseMarie Terenzio is about John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn.  I watched an interview with RoseMarie on Good Morning America.  (You can watch it here).

I’m a big fan of James Patterson, and have read everything he’s written.  I like the new series featuring Jack Morgan.  Private #1 Suspect is the second book in this series, co-written with Maxine Paetro.  Click here to read the first 28 Chapters.

Everneath by Brodi Ashton was an ARC book I coveted.  I was not able to get it, so I haven’t read this yet, but it’s on my “TBR” list, and I can’t wait to get ahold of it!

You can read a brief review at Goodreads here.

Although it’s not technically a new release book for today, another book I can’t wait to read is 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz.  I’ve been a fan of Dean Koontz since I came across the book, The Watchers, which was later made into a pretty disappointing movie.  Since then I have read everything he’s released, and tried to collect all his books.  This book has a great website to go with it, you can check out the Immersive Experience online for this book here.

What books are you excited to get today?


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