Yummy Thursday Treats

On Thursdays I pick up my daughter and her bestie from school, and they come home, have a snack, do homework and play until their dance class in the evening.  If we have snack at 3:15, by 6pm when we’re leaving for dance they are hungry again, but I don’t see the point in fixing dinner before we go, so I’ve been looking for simple snacks to make for them that will tide them over through their dance class.

Today I was on Pinterest (which is like saying, “today I was breathing”), and came across a scrumptious picture.  When I want to pin something that is a recipe or maybe a how-to, I try to find the original source and pin from there so nothing gets lost in translation.  I’ve seen a few pics of products or food without links to show how to do or make them.  😦  In any case, I followed this photo to it’s home on the “For the Love of Cooking” blog.

This looked so easy, and so yummy, that I dropped (almost literally) my laptop and headed to the kitchen to fix this 11 minute snack.  I’m pleased, it’s baking, the kids are playing, and we still have more than half an hour until we need to leave!  Plenty of time to feed the girls before we leave, but not enough to ruin their (late) supper!  Yay, me!


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