The Way We Fall

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

Megan is giving away copies of this book on her blog.


You can read an excerpt of the book here.  The Way We Fall is all about infection — the virus spreading through Kaelyn’s town as it infects her neighbors, friends, and family.

Although I have not yet read this book, I’ve read about it in two other blog posts before going to Megan’s website to find out more about it.  Its definitely on my list of books I’d like to read and own.

Although I haven’t seen an epidemic, there are so many in history and in futuristic lore, movies and TV shows that you can’t help but think about what you would do if faced with one.  The “zombie apocalypse” is one of the most popular theories, presented in a hundred different ways in books, movies and TV shows.  I’m not a fan of “shoot-em-up” games, so the only game involving shooting my little one plays is shooting zombies.  I allow this because if we should ever face a zombie apocalypse, I want some back-up at those gun turrets I plan on adding to our house.

In addition to reconstructing our home, I’m also putting together a list for emergencies.  Since the zombie’s only known enemy is a necrophiliac, and I don’t know any, we are gonna have to plan on staying in for a while.  We’ll be hoarding canned goods, water, lots of deodorant and body spray (since we won’t be showering) , a battery operated weather radio and I probably need to consider battery operated security cameras, and a reinforced fence around the perimeter.  A generator and gasoline stores are also on my list, and less I stress myself out like Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) in Zombieland, I think I’m gonna store some Twinkies too.

How would you prepare for an epidemic?  (Zombie related or otherwise?)


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