Pronunciation – Book versus Manual

Today while watching Ellen (I was home with my sick little one), we saw the funniest thing.  There is a youtube guide called Pronunciation Book – this shows a word, and says the correct pronunciation.  I assume it’s to help people learning English, or to help English speakers with those weird little words they see and always wonder about.  Here’s an example of Pronunciation Book…


Funny story – when my sister was very young she used to pronounce this “Fox Paws”, and it took my mom and I a minute to figure out what she was trying to say.  I still get tickled about this, and occasionally when we are all together one of us will still say it as “fox paws”, just to get everyone to laugh.  (I’m giggling just typing this)

Ok, here’s the current funny thing – someone put a spoof channel called Pronunciation Manual on youtube, and although it’s totally a joke, if someone were to come across this instead of the Pronunciation Book, we are never going to understand them!  This cracks me up, and while there are a multitude of video pronunciations, here are a couple of my favorites…



So, if you’re finished gasping for breath and crying on your keyboard, you’re gonna have to go to youtube and check out these channels.

All I’ve got to say after 30 minutes of watching these is…..




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