Cinnamon Roll Crescents

This morning was one of those lazy mornings when I didn’t feel like making breakfast, so I decided to use crescent rolls.  I remembered seeing a recipe for cinnamon roll crescents that looked good, so I got on Pinterest and tracked it down.  (By the time I found it I could have had eggs and sausage done, probably.)

These look yummy and easy.  My problem is I only used about half the crescent rolls the recipe used, but made the filling for the whole batch.  Before you judge, I hadn’t had my coffee yet!

These were WAY messier than I thought they’d be, probably because when I tried to “soften” the butter, I fully melted it.  The melted butter made the filling runny – like messy runny – I even put it back in the freezer for a couple of minutes, but no, still runny.  I guess if I had been more patient it would have firmed up a bit, or if I had planned ahead and set out the butter it would have been softened to perfection.  But I digress – mine was runny.  Me + No Coffee + Hungry/Impatient = Big Mess.

I had enough filling left over to just spread it all over the top of the rolled up crescents.  That worked beautifully, and truly, if I had made an additional glaze the original recipe called for I could have propelled myself into a sugar coma after about three bites.

The original recipe was from Jennifer’s cooking blog over at Jennifer Cooks.  Maybe next time I will prepare the butter in advance or put it in the microwave for less than 25 seconds, but honestly, these things were rich, squishy heaven.  A totally unhealthy breakfast!  And I loved it! I’ll eat yogurt and fruit for lunch.



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2 responses to “Cinnamon Roll Crescents

  1. I can see why! They were scrumptious!!! Maybe next time I’ll get the filling right (and not melted), and make the glaze!

  2. I’m so glad you liked them! They’re a big hit with our family.

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