Saturday Snapshot

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books.  It’s easy to participate – just post a picture that was taken by you, a friend, or a family member and add your link on Alyce’s site.   Photos can be old or new, and be of any subject as long as they are clean and appropriate for all eyes to see. How much detail you give in the caption is entirely up to you. Please don’t post random photos that you find online.

I decided I’d post some pictures of my animals in this Snapshot, since they make up so many funny/fun times in our house.

This is Baxter (L) and Sabertooth (R).  Baxter is like a bowling ball with legs – he’s large.  He’s never had as much exercise as he gets now that Sabertooth has adopted us.  (His family left him when they moved).

This is Lightening (L) and Sabertooth.  Lightening is not fond of how Sabertooth has just taken over half of his bed.

Another interloper – a sweet little one we found in our front yard with no one around.  Turns out she was a neighbor’s new pet, and they came and picked her up later that evening.  She and the dogs had made friends though, so she became a frequent visitor.

This is Jafar.  (See what happens when you let a four-year-old name the dogs?  You get Lightening McQueen and Jafar from Aladdin).

This is Ollie.  We were also adopted by him after his family left him.  😦  Poor Ollie, yay us!  He’s hilarious, and although he comes inside on occasion, he’s an outdoor boy.  He loves to sit on top of my truck and survey the neighborhood.

The couch is comfy, but a warm laptop is even better!

You can see me?  I thought I was blending in with the couch!

“You’re right, Daddy!  This is comfortable!”

Could I be any cuter???

These socks will never attack me again!!!

See how big that cute little puppy (above) grew up to be?  Still buddies!

If I’m really still, she won’t see me!

Thanks for cleaning off the shelf for me!



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7 responses to “Saturday Snapshot

  1. aww, it’s always so fun to snap pics of the pets! So cute 🙂 Book Savvy Babe

  2. It looks like you are the friend to lost and homeless pets! Our dog was named by our kids – Lady the Golden Tank Engine (which I shortened to Goldie). Your pets are so cute!

    • Alyce,
      Yes, I’ve always been that way! Growing up we had plenty of animals, because I would bring home and take in anything that needed a home! I don’t live in the country anymore, so I don’t have as much space, but I hate to see an animal sad and hungry! 🙂 I love “Lady the Golden Tank Engine” as a name, how funny!

  3. That is a lot of animals…and all very cute!

  4. What lovely pet photos! You have beautiful animals–and so entertaining. 🙂

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