Like so many of you, I’m constantly getting lost in the world of the book I’m reading.  When I’m not reading, it’s likely that I’ve taken a break to peep in on Facebook and Pinterest.  One thing I love about Pinterest is all the fabulous photos, recipes and ideas I might never have come across any other way.  I’ve noticed that some of these fantastic photographs make me think of a back story to go along with them.  Is it just avid readers that look at things a little deeper than the surface, knowing there is always more to something than just your initial view?  (other than writers, of course).

Here are some of the pictures I’ve come across that just beg for a back story.  I’d like to challenge you to choose one, and write me back a couple of lines or so of what you think might be the history in that photo….

(None of these photos are mine)

1. The Blue House (note the person silhouetted in the upper window)


2. Doorway (I want to know where this leads!)


3. Magical Tree Tunnel in Belgium


4.  Château Clochard,  France


5.Window in abandonment


6. Ghostly Staircase




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4 responses to “Imagination

  1. These photos are beautiful and wonderfully mysterious! I love doorways and interesting doors. These would be great, evocative writing prompts. Let me try 6. Ghostly Staircase:

    ~ She crept up but kept feeling a force that held her back. Each time she took a step up, more and more gingerly, she found that her legs would only, could only go backward, as if that was how they were designed. For going forward was impossible now, and she was falling backward, going the wrong way, helpless and upset, in spite of her best efforts. ~

  2. Those are amazing! There has to be a lost princess or a wandering adventurer in that tree tunnel…it just demands it! I always love best the photos or paintings that suggest a story. But I can’t tell you whether or not that’s a quality only of avid readers, since I’m one too!

    • Cheryl,

      I agree, it makes me think of a fairy forest! Sort of what I imagined when I read the “Inheritance Cycle” books, specifically the second one, “Eldest”.


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