Firefly Lane – by Kristin Hannah – Review

Firefly Lane is the first book I have read by Kristin Hannah, and I really enjoyed it.  When I finished the book, crying and blubbering everywhere, I might add, I immediately added more of her novels to my hold list at the library.  (Which reminds me of something funny my little one said to me this morning – Me: Honey, it’s the last day of school before Spring Break!  Be sure and find out if you have to turn in your library books.  Her: We just went to the liBerry to get them!  Me:  It’s liBRary, not liBerry.  Her: Aw, Mom, I made up a great joke about liBerry, it only works if I say liBerry, not liBRary, can I just keep saying liBerry?  Me: No, no you can not!)  Anyway….back to the book.

Fireflay Lane is about two teenage girls who live on Firefly Lane, and meet at the bus stop.  One has lived there all of her life, the other just moved there with her mother, who does lots of drugs, and randomly disappears from her life.  As opposite as these two are, a personal tragedy for one brings them together.  Soon they are inseparable.  TullyandKate.  Through thick and thin (and high school), they are best friends.  When Tully’s mother gets arrested (again), she is sent to live with her grandmother.  After her grandmother’s death she comes back to Firefly Lane, where Kate’s family takes her in as one of their own.

The girls head off to college together, and Tully dreams of them being newscasters together.  Tully has a big personality, and is nicknamed Tropical Storm Tully.  She knows what she wants, and she goes after it.  Kate, however, isn’t sure she wants to go into news-casting at all, although she is about to graduate with a degree in communications/broadcast journalism.  Tully has landed an internship at a local station, and drags Kate along to work in the office.  Tully catches some lucky breaks, and begins to make a name for herself in the news industry, while Kate feels further and further from her own dream.

As the years pass Tully becomes highly successful, and travels the globe reporting the news, while Kate gives up her career to have a baby.  Though their paths have diverged, they still maintain their close friendship.  Tully lands her own day-time talk show, and lets her desire for ratings get the best of her when she brings Kate and her daughter on the show under false pretenses.  Kate ends their friendship, and is both angry and grief-stricken over the rift.  Months pass without the two connecting, but then a big life change brings them back together.  (To tell you more would be a huge spoiler).

I enjoyed this book so much!  I look forward to reading more of her books!

Here is the link to the author’s website.  Here is the information about the book from her site.  Here is the goodreads review.



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4 responses to “Firefly Lane – by Kristin Hannah – Review

  1. kaye

    Definitely need a whole box of Kleenex beside you to read this one. *Sniff, sob*

  2. I read my first Kristin Hannah last year and I totally get what you mean about blubbering and adding more of her books to your list. I’m going to add this one to my list right away.

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