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“Only Child” by Rhiannon Navin

This is the first book written by Rhiannon Navin.  And its one that grips you by the heart right away, and doesn’t let go even after you finish reading and close the book.  In fact, I sat on my couch and cried into my lunch napkin!  And now I think you should read it immediately!

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Someone is obviously spying on me if they have these photos, but they are accurate!  “Only Child” centers around Zach, a 6-year-old boy whose life is interrupted by a school shooting.  He is stuck in a closet with his teacher and classmates while he listens to gunshots in the hallway.  19 people die that day.  Zach’s life is turned upside down.  He has nightmares, begins to experience anger and expresses it in ways he never has before, yet seeks to become a better person and help the adults in his life find the secrets of happiness and return to a happy and loving life.

There is so much more to this story that I wish I could tell you, but almost anything else I say would be a spoiler, and I just really want you to read this book.  I fell in love with this little boy, he was such a gentle soul, thrown into such strenuous circumstances, is without a strong voice, and is trying to regain himself in all this madness.  His strength of character is amazing, and his capacity for love and forgiveness is such a beautiful example. This book brought me to tears more than once, and I’m thankful I wasn’t reading it at the coffee shop because I probably would have made a scene.  I really hope you get a chance to read this book, feel all the feels, and are encouraged by this character to seek out happiness, forgiveness, to fight for love and to show sympathy.

You can follow the author, Rhiannon Navin, on Facebook here and on Goodreads here.

Only Child


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