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College Reunion

I am so excited while I’m writing this – in about an hour I am leaving for my college reunion!  Its been more years than I like to admit since I graduated, (ok, 17 years) and I am thrilled to be seeing these people.  There was a full alumni reunion schedule, but somehow that fell through, and our little group decided to get together anyway.  A few of us can’t make it (I’m sad), but 6 of us are meeting over a long weekend.  I am acting all college-age and driving all night so that we can all have breakfast together tomorrow morning.  There will be several of us on the road, and we’ll be calling each other all night to stay awake.  I am more than excited.  And, while I am not as cute as I once was, (well, I take that back – I am still that cute, but I have it all covered up in protective luciousness, and while I don’t want to brag or make anyone feel bad, I can still fit into the necklace I wore right after college), I have to believe that no one else looks just like they did in college.  At least some of them will have wrinkles or something.  Maybe grey hair?

Truthfully, I don’t care what they look like, I know these people from the inside out, and I miss their guts!

Here is part of our group, I have no idea why we were all wearing “do-rags”, but there we are.  I am on the back row, far left.

This was our Sadie Hawkins Day (we didn’t dance, folks, this was a Bible College).  We all dressed matchy-matchy for the banquet.  The couple in the front on the far left are now married, and the couple in the back row, far left are also married.  None of the rest of us married each other, but we’ve all stayed in touch, and I love these people!

So, I’ve said and shared all that to say, I’m leaving, and I won’t be back online until Sunday.  I’ve written my Saturday Snapshot already, so I’ll log on long enough to post that sometime Saturday.  I hope y’all all have a wonderful weekend!!!  I plan to!



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