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Sunday Story – I want to become a runner – but I’m frightened!

I have a problem with running.  I don’t like it.  While I know that it is a great way to get and stay healthy, and even more important, to get alone time, its a tough sell for me.  In addition to just not liking the idea of running, the extra weight I’ve stored on top of my feet (namely in the butt and thigh area), is discouraging.  I don’t like walking with that extra stuff – much less running!  And I’m pretty sure that I don’t look good running either.  Here is an example:

See how this could scare the neighbors?  It’s just not right to do that, I want to be a good neighbor.  So, that leaves me with early morning or late night runs.  I use the term “runs” loosely – there would probably be too many walking breaks (also called I-think-I’m-dying-and-need-to-throw-up breaks) to call it actual running.  Please also note – I am NOT a morning person.

But on the other hand, perhaps I should just jump out of bed and head out the door…

So my current dilemma is that I don’t want to run, but I also don’t want to look like I do.  Seriously, a beached whale looks better on the beach than I do!  I have to try, and I’m really hoping that I will develop a love of running.  I know it might take a while, but getting off the couch and out the front door is probably the hardest part.  Well, I read that, but I think the hardest part will be the actual running.  And then doing it again the next day.

I’m looking for motivation, and I found a run I’d really like to do, it’s called the Color Run, and it looks like a blast!  I have a friend who is putting together a team for the Memphis run later this year and I plan to go!  Which means I have to train…  *sigh*  It all comes down to me getting my running shoes on and starting.

For the color run you just need to wear a white t-shirt, and at each kilometer you get dusted with a different color.  By the end you are full of color and more confidence!  I’m going to have to see if this jacket comes in white….


Check out the video of one of the Color Run 5K’s


Do you have an inspirational/motivational stories that would help me?  I promise to share mine along the way.



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Sunday Stories

I did this last Sunday, and enjoyed challenging my imagination and hearing what others thought!   Here are some of the pictures I’ve come across that just beg for a back story.  There must be other people that see a picture, and imagine a fantastic story (or part of a story) around the photograph or scene.  I’d like to challenge you to choose one, and write me back a couple of lines or so of what you think might be the history in that photo….

(None of these photos are mine)

To me this looks like a fairy stair case (although its larger than the fairies you may think of).  I can only imagine where this staircase leads.

This is what the staircase looks like from the inside.

Château Clochard, France – this looks like an abandoned lair for vampires or something other worldly.

This photo didn’t turn out as big as I hoped, but with the fallen cross on top of the organ, it looks like it belongs in an abandoned church.

This is the kind of urban exploration I want to do.  I want to find a beautiful building like this.  I have no idea what it used to be, but the structure is absolutely beautiful, and begs to be written about!

This makes me think of medieval times – not knowing what is outside those doors, but being brave enough to go find out.

I would love to hear your thoughts on some of these photos….


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