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The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian

the sleepwalker30211957

Annalee Ahlberg goes missing during one of her husband’s business trips, and her teenage girls fear the worst. Their mother is a sleepwalker, and her affliction manifests itself in ways both dangerous and bizarre. Her oldest daughter, Lianne, has pulled her off the bridge side rails naked, her husband, Warren, has interrupted her spray painting the hydrangea bush in the front yard, and apparently, has rebuffed her sleep “advances”, in a disorder called parasomnia, or sexsomnia. This, understandably, can cause problems in a marriage. When your partner sleep walks, or has “sleep sex”, what happens if you’re not there when that happens? They go in search of another warm body – but is it really their fault? Can you blame them? Do they even know or remember what they’ve done? But does that make the hurt less real for the spouse? So when Annalee goes missing, the first suspect is close to home.

When Warren begins talking to a local minister about planning a memorial service a few weeks after her disappearance, her daughters are surprised, dismayed (does this mean he’s given up hope of Annalee’s return), and a little angry, as her body hasn’t been found, (so how does he know for sure she’s dead?).
Lianne withdraws from college to stay home and take care of her dad who has withdrawn, and her younger sister, Paige, who has begun to show signs of sleepwalking, and is withdrawing from her friends, and favorite competitive sports of swimming and skiing. Both girls try to investigate and look for clues of their mother’s disappearance in their own way. Both uncover secrets that may or may not have something to do with her disappearance, but make them question people around them.
With an unforseen twist at the end, author Chris Bojalian keeps you interested until the very end.

For more information on sexsomnia, or sleep sex, read this link.


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